Net Objectives

Net Objectives
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 6 Do's and 8 Skills of Development

This post is not about TDD per se, but rather a context in which TDD can demonstrate its place in and contribution to the value stream.  This context has to do with the 5 things that we must accomplish (do) and the 8 skills that the team must have in order to accomplish them.  We'll describe each "do", noting where and if TDD has an impact, and then do the same thing with the skills.

6 Dos:
    Do the right thing
    Do the thing right
    Do it efficiently
    Do it safely (how likely to break, if break how likely to know about it)
    Do it predictably

    Do it sustainably (not burning the team out, allowing time for training, etc...)

    8 Skills:
    Programming (Design -> Code)
    Designing (Specification -> Design)
    Analysis (Requirement -> Specification, Technology decisions -> Requirements)
    Refactoring (Design -> Design')
    Dev ops (CI/CD, etc...)
    Process Improvement

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