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Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome Max Guernsey

Max has joined Net Objectives, as some of you may know, as a trainer, coach, and mentor.  We've been friends with Max for a long while, and he has been a contributor to this blog and to the progress of our thinking in general.

So, we're adding him to the official authorship here and when (if ever :)) we get this thing written, he will be co-author with Amir and I.

I know this has been terribly slow going, but hopefully with another hand at the oars we can pick up the pace.



  1. Good luck Max! I almost lost hope that the book will come out, but please do not discard this project! I find the books I read by NetObjectives folks (Emergent Design, Lean-Agile ATDD, Essentials for the Agile Dev) packed with the right advice, educational talent and explaining sometimes difficult things in a simple, straightforward way. We need a TDD book like that and the blog posts already published prove that you are capable of pulling it off.

  2. Fear not, we're certainly not dropping the project (as evidenced by adding Max to it), it's just proving more and more difficult to free up the time to work on it. Net Objectives' primary work is teaching, and of late we're been very popular. Nice problem to have, obviously, but progress on the book has suffered.