Net Objectives

Net Objectives
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Learning Process: Re-doing CoR part 1

We're writing this blog for several reasons:
  1. To work out the intellectual material for the book we're writing
  2. To provide value to our community as quickly as possible
  3. To get feedback from our readers as soon as possible (validation-centric)
However, we're also finding that the process of creating each blog and each podcast is, in and of itself, a learning process.  In recording the podcast for the Testing the Chain of Responsibility, Part 1 blog we realized that we'd actually done it wrong. [1]

In that blog we said "The same mock can be used to test each Handler."  The problem with that is the redundancy; we'll be testing the delegation issues in each handler, and those tests will all be duplicates of each other.

So, stay tuned for Testing the Chain of Responsibility Part 1, Redux.

We learn from you, but we also learn from ourselves. :) 


[1] Well, okay, I (Scott) got it wrong.  I'd written that blog and Amir caught my error when we were recording the podcast together.  We also learn from each other.

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